Why We love Tournaments

Richard Dracass | April 10, 2018

Organized Play Brings Us Together

Finalists at the 2017 Unrivaled 2017 Grand Finale in Las Vegas


The Unrivaled Tournament Series is all about, you guessed it, tournaments. Tournaments are more than competition, though. They’re gathering grounds for this great hobby we have. It’s an organized way to bring people of all walks of life together to a common place with a common goal. This week, we’re diving into different ways that tournaments and organized play bring us joy, whether you’re playing Warhammer 40kMagic: the GatheringPathfinder Society, or an Unrivaled Tournament Series game!


Players at the NY NY Unrivaled 2017 Regional event

The first is straightforward. We love getting to meet new friends! No matter what you’re playing, tournaments bring new people to the local game store and you already have something in common – you want to beat the other person up in a friendly game. New friends, or old friends that you don’t see very often, are a great reason to show up to a tournament. It’s easy to find ways to reach out to these people. Find them on Facebook, or make the meet up more regular, and before you know it you’ve made friendships that will last long after the tournament is over. 


People are a big part of tournaments, which brings us to our second point. The interaction. The tournament scene can act more like a watering hole, even. Instead of asking your boring work colleagues about that sick dragon in Game of Thrones, you can talk about it around the game table. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see your favorite games in new and interesting ways you may not have considered before. Seeing someone else’s strategy and thought process can really allow you to grow as a player and learn new things about your favorite games, the hobby in general, and about yourself.

Josh Wiitanen, one of the Unrivaled Tournament Judges

Unrivaled judge Josh Wiitanen said this about interacting at tournaments, “Some of the best moves I have ever learned in gaming came during an event where I was destroyed by an opponent using those techniques on me.” And Josh makes a great a point, sometimes the best way to learn something new in a game is to lose.


And finally, the planning, the practice, and the learning. One of the best parts of tournaments isn’t the event itself but instead the long, drawn out process that comes before the tournament. Figuring out how you want to play, what you want to do, and how to execute it perfectly. Especially in games with lots of player involved choices, playing the game with your friends at home and finding your favorite strategies can be a lot of fun. Going to the tournament and seeing the fruition of those plans is a satisfying feeling that is difficult to replicate.


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—–  William Sobel