Andrew Trespando | February 6, 2018

Hello Unrivaled players and stores! First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who participated last year for making Unrivaled 2017 such a huge success. Since the end of last year’s Unrivaled Tabletop Tournament Series, we’ve been hard at work putting together plans for 2018. We’ve made a few changes to the tournament structure, but we still have a great lineup of tabletop games for you to compete in, and most exciting of all– awesome cash prizes for players and stores alike.



Unrivaled was born out of a love of and commitment to the tabletop community. In 2017 over 300 Friendly Local Game Stores participated in our tabletop tournament helping more than 1500 people get to our finale in Las Vegas! We believe that local game stores are the heart and soul of the gaming experience, and we are excited to continue working with game stores and gamers across the country to bring the Unrivaled 2018 Tournament finale to Chicago later this year!


There will be two primary ways to qualify for our finale:

  1. Win at an official Unrivaled satellite event at your FLGS- Starting in Fall, weekly gaming events will be held at participating game stores with exciting giveaways for players and publisher exclusives only available at these sanctioned events. Best of all, if you win first place at your store for any of the 2018 Unrivaled games you are guaranteed a spot at the finale (flight and room not included).
  2. Win at an official Unrivaled Super Satellite event-

During the spring and summer, we will be holding Super Satellite events at some conventions and GameWorks locations. So even if you don’t have a FLGS near you, there is still opportunity for you to participate in Unrivaled 2018! The first place winners at the Super Satellite events will be given a voucher for travel to Chicago for the finale! Even if you played at a store satellite you can still come play at any other Unrivaled event and win admission to the finale.


We’ll be revealing the 2018 game line up very soon, so be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the exciting news we have to share!


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