Unrivaled 2018 Store Kit Unveiled!

Andrew Trespando | March 14, 2018

Stores that have signed up to participate in the Unrivaled Tabletop Series for 2018 will become sanctioned to run Unrivaled events throughout the season. All sanctioned stores will receive the following items to assist in promoting and running the events:  


Point-of-Sales Poster and Window Clings to advertise events and sanctioned status of store.

Rule Book – This covers the rules for running the Unrivaled Tabletop Series 2018 games as well as the tabletop series rules for each of the games. Unrivaled will also publish the Rules Book online as a PDF.

One each of the current batch of sanctioned games: Kingdomino, Evolution, Villagers & Villains, Nevermore, Klask, Red Dragon Inn, Champions of Midgard, and Onitama.

Game of the Week Posters to promote upcoming events.

Judge Badge and lanyard.

Table Tents for each event.

Unrivaled branded Rock/Paper/Scissors Cards – Fun giveaway items to share with the staff and players.


Not pictured here are additional publisher created promotional items and collectibles. Some of these additional items will only be available to the players by participating in the events.  

There is still time to sign up to participate in the Unrivaled Tabletop Series 2018! Click here to register!