What It Takes To Win The Largest Board Game Tournament Series In The World

Richard Dracass | February 22, 2018



Wil Wheaton, host of the 2017 Unrivaled Tournament series in Las Vegas with Epic Spell Wars grand prize winner


If you’re reading this blog because a friend or family member let you know about all the fun you missed last year at the Unrivaled Tabletop Series events and how much money was won by players and the friendly local gaming stores they represented, well welcome!

We’re doing the same thing for 2018, and it’s only going to be bigger, with more board games, and more money and prizes to give away!

If you’re a returning player from last year, you are also most welcome! As we gear up for the new season, we are already hearing from players truly interested in finding out all the tips, tactics, and secrets needed to be a champion for this year. Future blogs are slated to cover the best moves and gaming scenarios for the upcoming titles, but today’s info is about, “You, the Champion.” But for now, some important questions:

  1. Who were the top players for each game last year?
  2. How did they win those giant checks (that could also be used as a boogie-board)?
  3. What did they have for breakfast that morning?
  4. Are they Sci-Fi or Fantasy geeks (or both)?*
  5. Is this list seriously going to be answered?

Whoa, slow down. We’ll address the basics first, okay?

What the Champions all have in common

They love games. They kept their concentration focused throughout each match. They had strategies in place that were adaptable to each set of opponents and the various situations/changes that occurred. And, they were lucky.

They came to the Grand Finale in Las Vegas from all over the United States after winning regional events in their home states of Colorado, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Utah, and California (hey CA, that’s home to the Unrivaled HQ!).

Players at the 2017 Unrivaled Semi-finals in Las Vegas

Bottom line – it doesn’t matter where you come from if you wish to compete in the largest board gaming tournament series in the world. Just come prepared! Practice playing your favorite official Unrivaled Tournament games with gamers who are better than you to learn their secrets and style of play. See what works consistently to avoid the crutch of hoping for a lucky card pull or roll of the dice. Go to your friendly local gaming store and ask if they are signed up for the Unrivaled Tabletop Series for 2018 and let them know you want to sign up! Every player that wins cash prizes for themselves wins the exact same amount for the game store they want to represent! Think that will go a long way for how you are treated there in the future? Yeah, me too.

Meanwhile, get ready to meet a whole bunch of friends you haven’t met yet. Another thing almost every single player in the series last year had in common was the joy of sharing tabletop games with others. I met the majority of folks who flew in to Las Vegas for the Grand Finale and I had a great time hearing their stories, listening to them recount how they earned their way to the event, and how they instinctively searched out those who were signed up to play the same game. There was a lot more laughing and comradery than trash talking.

But that’s what it’s all about.

So, stay tuned as we make some stellar announcements in the coming days and weeks about the Unrivaled Tabletop Series for 2018 and we truly hope to meet you either at the Satellite events and especially at the Grand Finale!


Answers from above

  1. Grand Prize winners were:
    • Epic Spell Wars: Tom from Chaos Games and More in Colorado
    • Nevermore: Donnie from The Wasteland Gaming in Georgia
    •  King of Tokyo: Lauren from Gnome Games in Wisconsin
    • Munchkin: Matthew from Dragon’s Lair in Texas
    • Ascension: Stephen from Sky High Comics in California
    • Villagers and Villains: Alex from Oasis Games in Utah
  2. They qualified for the finale at official Unrivaled Events in their home towns and then won the final match of their game at the Grand Finale
  3. You don’t want to know. I think kale was involved in one case
  4. Trick question – nobody is allowed to use the term Sci-Fi in polite company
  5. Seriously, yes



– Kevin “KevDog” Sullivan