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Unrivaled is simply put, the largest tabletop game tournament in the world. Our 2017 tournament series had an official network of several hundred friendly local game stores across The United States and Canada, and our 2017 Grand Finale in Las Vegas hosted more than 1500 people who came together for the love of board games and a chance to win big cash prizes.

The Unrivaled team is a motley crew of tabletop enthusiasts and gamers who want to see bigger and better tournaments for the tabletop community. We knew we weren't alone in this endeavor when Wil Wheaton, at our 2017 finale said- "Every one of us is an ambassador tasked with bringing new players into the game and showing them how magical gaming can be." With that mission in mind, we want to significantly increase the number of players who experience the joy of gaming every year.

Here at Unrivaled, we believe community building is the cornerstone of any good tournament series. We love to watch stores and the communities they serve grow together. During the 2017 Tabletop series we reached out to local charities, meetup groups, co-ed clubs, and gaming groups in every city. We formed relationships with these groups and introduced them to all the impressive local stores they could team up with throughout the year. The result was a massive increase in charitable contributions through gaming, and stores saw a huge increase in new players as these events drove people into their stores and into their lives.

After a thrilling and successful inaugural year, Unrivaled is back for 2018! Offering new games as well as a couple favorites from last year, exclusive publisher prizes, Unrivaled exclusive merchandise, cash prizes for players and stores, weekly contests, and even more to come! Join the Unrivaled community and be a part of board game history!

Bringing the Tabletop Community Together. It Starts at your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS).

  • Stores

    As a FLGS, you are the key-master to the gateway that is the board game kingdom. You provide an awesome environment for players to come and have a great time. As an Unrivaled store you will take this to the next level by providing your players with a tabletop series that is rivaled by no other. With an outstanding line up of games, exclusive promos to give away, and more, you will hold the torch that lights the future of the Unrivaled Tabletop Series.

    There is no limit to the number of champions a store can send, so call upon all the knights of your realm to win prizes and prove their mettle as a tabletop champions!

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  • Players

    As a player you’ll assume the role of the hero ascending upon your FLGS to appoint them your home store. You will then champion your store's cause by competing in a tournament of epic proportions. During the tournament you will have a chance to earn exclusive promos from your favorite Unrivaled games, and battle to secure a spot in our Grand Finale in Chicago. During the Finale you will compete on behalf of your kingdom for BIG cash prizes and to be forever known as a Legendary Unrivaled Champion! More info to come!

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  • Publishers

    In the Unrivaled universe publishers are the all-mighty creators! You work tirelessly to bring us amazing new games year after year, and we pay homage to you. Being a part of Unrivaled gives you the chance to have your games seen by thousands of players and by FLGS throughout the country.

    We consider it our job to show off your coolest games to everyone, and boy do I mean everyone! From our state of the art grand finales to our satellite system that takes place in hundreds of local shops across Northern America.

    Being involved gives you the chance to show off just how fun your game can be by getting it to the hands of those who matter, the players! With our live streaming events everyone will be able to enjoy a first hand look at how well the games can play.

    We work with our publisher’s to further the community and the marketing of all of our events and games! Be a part of the future of tabletop gaming with Unrivaled

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  • Satellites

    Store satellites are the jousting competitions of the Unrivaled Series. This is where champions are made and destinies are fulfilled!

    Participating stores in the Unrivaled Tabletop Series will run a different game each week to qualify as many "Champions" as possible. Qualified champions are eligible to participate in the Unrivaled Series Grand Finale to claim their fame and glory along with cash prizes!

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  • Are you ready to compete and conquer?
  • Super Satellites

    Our Super Satellites will test players might in a lively competition for a chance at unique and rare prizes only available at these events. As a top winner at one of our Super Satellite events, you will also receive paid travel for your magical journey to the Grand Finale.

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  • Grand Finale

    After reigning victorious and being crowned your store's champion, you will be given the chance to fight for your store's honor and glory at the Unrivaled Grand Finale in the historic kingdom of TBD

    Heroes from around the country will be there to test their might along the way. Battle through them and prove you are the best in the world.

    Win for yourself! Win for your store! Win because it is your destiny!

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How do I participate in the Unrivaled Season?

As a Store, you can qualify by heading to the Register Now link above and signing up to become an Unrivaled tournament location. As a player, you can qualify by entering an Unrivaled event at your participating Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS).

How do I get my store involved?

Talk to them and tell them you want them to be involved in the Unrivaled tournament series. Have them go to our site and tell them about how Unrivaled benefits the in store community. Encourage them to join. You can always tell them to contact us at info@unrivaled so we can personally tell them about Unrivaled and its benefits. Remember, stores want to be involved if their players want to be involved.

How do I Qualify for the Finale?

You can qualify to participate in the Grand Finale by entering in an Unrivaled event at your FLGS, or a Super Satelite event and winning at either of those events.

What Prizes can be won?

You can receive exclusive promos and win product from stores when you compete in unrivaled events. If you make it to the finale, you have a chance of winning cash prizes for first, second, third and fourth places, which will be matched and delivered to your home store as well.

What is a Home Store?

A Home Store is a store of your choice which you want to support and show your loyalty. Your home store does not have to be the place you place all Unrivaled events at, but will be the place you are competing on behalf of throughout the season.

Where can I play in Unrivaled events?

The easiest way to play in Unrivaled events is to go your local Unrivaled sanctioned FLGS. You can also compete at any convention we are hosting an event at, called Satellites and Super Satellites. Remember, you will need to select a Home Store in order to compete (it can be chosen when you enter an event).

What if I don't have an Unrivaled Sanctioned FLGS near me?

Tell them about us and have them check out Unrivaled.com. Otherwise you can come to one of our Super Satellite events, or at Orgins or Gen Con, and participate with Unrivaled in that way.

How do I make it to the Finale?

You can make it to the Finale by either winning at you local FLGS Unrivaled event, or at an event hosted by Unrivaled at our Super Satellites.

Will I get Travel and Lodging if I make it to the Finale?

Although you may qualify for the finale at the store level, you will not receive any travel or lodging for winning an event there. However, if you Win your game at an Unrivaled Super Satellite location, you will receive a travel voucher for $600.00 to assist in getting you to the Finale.

How much does it cost to enter Unrivaled?

As a store you can charge up to $10.00 to have a player and We will be announcing more about membership opportunities for players April 28th. Stay tuned!

What does being a part of Unrivaled get me?

By being a part of Unrivaled, you are helping grow the tabletop community. As a player you have a chance of winning amazing prizes and cash. As a store you are able to run sanctioned Unrivaled events as well as be a hub for players new and old to come and play.

Where will the Finale be held?

The Finale will be held in a location that will be announced soon! We will be making it a convention style event so even if you aren’t a player you are still encouraged to attend and enjoy.

Where can I go to stay up to date on Unrivaled News?

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter in order to get all the latest info, or check out our blog on this site.